2015: Reparing the damage caused by Stephen Harper

This year, Tom Mulcair’s NDP will finish the job that Jack Layton set out to accomplish

“In 2015, Tom Mulcair plans to finish the work undertaken by Jack Layton. The NDP has a clear vision of how to build a sustainable model to replace this government mired in scandal and incompetence,” said NDP MP Choquette of Drummond, he prepares to return to Ottawa for the new Parliamentary session.

“Middle class families are working harder than ever, but they are barely able to keep their heads above water. Family incomes are falling, while household debt continues to creep upward. Young families are also having trouble finding affordable daycare services. You know something’s wrong when 5 million Canadians can’t access a family doctor and 7 out of 10 citizens have no pension plan. This is unacceptable,” said François Choquette.

Under Stephen Harper, our elderly population is no longer able to retire until they turn 67. Daycare services are too costly and hard to find for millions of Canadian families. We have no federal minimum wage, and the Conservatives have left the environment out in the cold, as they put all their eggs in the oil extraction basket.

“The NDP will clear the smoke and bring the retirement age back down to 65,” said M. Choquette“The NDP will implement a $15/hour minimum wage and finance a Canada-wide daycare program that will create 1 million new spaces for $15/day. Quebec could finance its own childcare program with this federal help if desired. Most importantly, the NDP will bring environmental issues back to federal politics.”


The Economy – serious concerns

The NDP feels that Stephen Harper has put the Canadian economy in peril by focusing solely on the oil industry. The recent drop in oil prices is currently threatening our ability to balance the budget.

“The NDP will put an end to income splitting – an ineffective policy that only benefits the richest Canadians. We will promote economic growth while respecting the environment and we will focus on helping middle class families,” said MP’s Choquette.

The NDP also feels that Stephen Harper’s stubborn approach has done serious damage to our environment and economy. “Tom Mulcair is a man of principle who will defend the interests of the middle class. He is the only person with the experience to replace Stephen Harper, and you can trust the NDP to repair the damage caused by Harper’s Conservatives. We will once again prove this to Canadians during this Parliamentary session,” added MP’s François Choquette.