Liberal government ignoring warnings, leaving farmers behind on trade

Despite warnings from Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz about the negative impact of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal on Canada, Liberals are pushing ahead while refusing to commit to compensation for industries that will be hurt.

"We have been warning the Trudeau Liberals that the Harper-negotiated TPP deal is not good for Canada. It will damage important industries while driving down wages and putting corporate interests ahead of citizens,” said Tracey Ramsey, NDP Trade critic. "It makes no sense for the Liberal government to push ahead with this deal – and even less sense when we learn the government is backing off this promised compensation.”

Both the TPP and CETA would have significant negative impacts on certain sectors, yet Liberals have backed off the previous government's promise to compensate farmers $4.3 billion for the impact of these trade deals. The Liberal budget, tabled March 22, set no money aside for compensation.

"Liberals are saying these deals are final enough to sign, but not final enough to negotiate compensation? That makes no sense,” said NDP Agriculture critic Ruth Ellen Brosseau. "While the Liberal government barrels ahead, without mitigation and compensation, farmers are rightly concerned they will end up paying the price for these Conservative trade deals.”