NDP MP François Choquette reaching out to constituents

New Democrat MP François Choquette will continue to reach out to constituents to talk about the concerns of middle class families.

“Apparently, some of our opponents aren’t happy that I’m reaching out to voters to find out their concerns and talk about solutions with them,” said Choquette. “This is obviously coming from parties that believe decisions should come from meetings held in Ottawa behind closed doors.” 

One of the NDP’s mandates is to be present on the ground and raise awareness of the Conservatives bad policies – we’ve been doing this throughout our mandate and will continue to do so until the election. “As representatives of the Official Opposition, we must inform the public of the government’s actions and consult people on the right course of action,” said Choquette. “Members should be aware of constituents’ concerns in order to defend their interests in the House of Commons.”

“It’s not surprising that the Liberal candidate attacked me for a day of action to inform the public of the Conservatives’ 36 billion dollar cuts to health care in the new federal-provincial agreement,” said Choquette. “They’re simply creating a diversion so they don’t have to explain why they’re supporting Conservative policies. I have important work to do. I will focus on citizens while my opponents try to discredit the NDP’s work.”

Unlike the Liberals’ sponsorship scandal and the Conservatives’ senate scandal, the NDP has always respected the rules and will continue to do so.