NO to genetically modified salmon (printable petition)

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Canadians demand a fair and local voting system

NDP Caucus outline top priorities for fall session

Flooding: Choquette calls on the Trudeau government to take action

NDP calls for mandatory labelling of genetically modified (GM) foods

Pierre-Luc Dusseault tables bill

François Choquette calls on government to Force Air Canada to comply with the Official Languages Act

Protest in Ottawa

François Choquette shows solidarity with milk producers from the greater Drummond area

François Choquette calls for investments in social housing

Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet presents Housing recommendations

Liberal government ignoring warnings, leaving farmers behind on trade

François Choquette calls for postponing the installation of the new machine translation tool

Letter to Judy Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Mulcair: Budget a missed opportunity to reduce inequality

Letter to the horourable minister of Canadian Heritage

François Choquette condemns hateful speech against the french fact

NDP calls on liberals to engage Canadians and pick up the pace on electoral reform

NDP statement on International Women’s Day

Time for Leadership & Concrete Plan on Climate Change

Governments must now set firm targets and enshrine accountability into law

Winter 2016 Newsletter

NDP presents anti-scab bill

NDP gets employment insurance review underway

NDP motion: Fix broken EI system

NDP statement on International Mother Language Day

NDP calls for balanced gender representation on crown corporations

François Choquette elected chair of all-party Climate Change Caucus

NDP: Time for pay equity is now

Liberals Use Pre-Budget Survey to Fill Their Data Bank

A message from Tom Mulcair: Tackling income inequality

Time for urgent action on social housing

NDP calls on Liberal government to renew federal funding before January 1st

François Choquette calls for bilingualism of Supreme Court judges

Mulcair lays out plan to make COP21 a success

François Choquette appointed as Critic for Official Languages in NDP shadow cabinet

The NDP record: Concrete results for families and a clear vision for Quebec

The NDP is ready to replace the Conservatives

Tom Mulcair’s plan to build stronger cities and communities

NDP takes action to protect consumers from pay-to-pay bank fees

Tampon tax to be abolished thanks to NDP efforts

François Choquette’s constituency office has moved

The NDP will reinstate door-to-door mail delivery

NDP secures a victory for women

Conservatives agree to remove unfair tax on feminine hygiene products

Let’s end the unfair tax on women

Conservative Budget stubbornly spends billions on wealthiest few

“A cynical approach that fails to give cities the flexibility to get Canadians moving”

NDP statement on Earth Day

NDP MP François Choquette reaching out to constituents

NDP scores a victory for our oceans, lakes and rivers

Ban Microbeads

Ban Microbeads

Statement by the Official Opposition on International Day of La Francophonie

Conservatives vote against job creation for the middle class

NDP will protect the environment and grow the economy

House debates NDP bill to cut emissions and make polluters pay

Protecting Canadians must include protecting freedoms

Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on the 50th anniversary of the maple leaf flag

Mulcair urges Harper to help free Fahmy

NDP motion to end child poverty a victory for all Canadians

Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on Black History Month

Statement by the NDP official opposition on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

2015: Reparing the damage caused by Stephen Harper

This year, Tom Mulcair’s NDP will finish the job that Jack Layton set out to accomplish

NDP attending vigils for Raïf Badawi

NDP MPs to attend today’s ceremonies in Montreal and tomorrow’s events in Sherbrooke

NDP to restore CBC funding

Canada must help stop Boko Haram

Statement from Tom Mulcair on Paris terrorist attack

2014 review: The NDP ready to replace the Conservatives in Ottawa

Conservatives reject Bill that could have saved the lives of pedestrians and cyclists

The NDP wants to implement a mixed proportional system

NDP urges government to reject Cacouna oil port project

François Choquette working to debunk the diability tax credit

Mulcair proposes new measure to ban food advertising directed toward children

Conservatives refuse to support NDP motion to eliminate child poverty

No child should live in poverty

Ontario endorses Tom Mulcair’s affordable childcare plan

Economic update should have been tabled in Parliament

No more excuses for Conservative climate change inaction

Howard Hampton appointed NDP special advisor for the Ring of Fire

NDP introduces landmark Environmental Rights Bill

Swifter, more robust action needed on rail safety

Conservative government’s rail safety changes long overdue

Conservatives and liberals abandon belugas

The fight to keep home mail delivery is far from over

François Choquette filed a motion to reject the proposed Port of Cacouna oil terminal

Statement from NDP leader Tom Mulcair on conservative motion on Iraq

Conservatives will miss their own environmental targets

The sector-by-sector Conservative approach is not working

New Democrats promote clean energy

Conservatives vote against making Question Period more relevant

NDP to force vote on Question Period relevance

Conservatives oppose action on conflict minerals

Conservatives reject energy-efficiency motion

Voting on François Choquette’s motion on energy efficiency

Statement by the Official opposition on the rejection of its motion on the federal minimum wage

NDP government would reinstate the federal minimum wage

Offshore drilling in Cacouna: The NDP calls for an emergency meeting

New Democrats call for a moratorium on converting home delivery to postal boxes

Cacouna: What are Conservatives hiding?

NDP calling for a moratorium on offshore drilling near Cacouna

NDP proud to take part in the 2014 People’s Social Forum

Conservatives trying to cover-up Social Security Tribunal failures

Conservatives must respond now to Mount Polley tailings pond disaster

Statement from NDP on the Canada-EU trade agreement

NDP calls for special hearings into conservative crackdown on charities

Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair, on the situation in the Middle East

NDP continues fight against EI changes

NDP hails CRTC move to examine ‘Pay-to-Pay’ billing fees

New Democrats call for independent investigation of CRA charity audits

Summary of House session: NDP wins victories for Quebec

NDP gets conservatives to commit to supporting Canada’s cheese industry

The motion tabled by the critic for Agriculture, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, has been passed by the House of Commons

NDP wants to crack down on agressive tax avoidance

New Democrats stand with BC against Northern Gateway

NDP reintroduces Jack Layton’s climate change bill

NDP call for GMO labeling gains momentum, widespread support

New Democrats want boie to open its doors

NDP will also table a motion to push for an unbiased examination of all mailing programs

NDP moves against Conservative income splitting scheme

Endangered species: The NDP calls for a study from the standing committee on environment

François Choquette’s motion on energy efficiency under debate in the House of Commons

Have you seen this MP?

Endangered species: The NDP calls for a study from the committee on fisheries and oceans

Statement from the Official Opposition on cuts to the public broadcaster

Conservatives’ faux outrage about taxpayer money going to regional outreach offices


PMO tax dollar spending up over 7% since 2011. NDP spending on the OLO reduced by 10%


Harper government continues to ignore human rights concerns in Colombia

Conservatives pass unfair Elections Act

The NDP is organizing a national action day against cuts to Canada post

Raitt finally agrees to take DOT-111 cars off the tracks

Conservatives play politics with whales

Statement from the Official Opposition on Earth Day

Tom Mulcair calls on Conservative MPs to block the unfair elections act

The NDP has launched a campaign to convince backbench MPs to protect Canadians’ right to vote

François Choquette Helping out the Disabled

Conservatives vote against protecting government resources

New Democrats move to make extraction companies more socially responsible

Conservatives continue to fail on rail safety

Official Opposition statement on earth hour

New Democrats committed to better funding for public health care system

Statement from the official opposition regarding the unfair elections act

It’s time for action to reduce food waste: NDP

Olivia Chow introduces bill to protect VIA RAIL

NDP fighting to maintain rail service in eastern Canada

François Choquette appointed vice-president of standing committee on environment and sustainable development

Conservatives vote to kill door-to-door mail delivery

NDP will fight to keep door-to-door mail delivery

Statement from the official opposition leader on the tragic fire in L’Isle-Verte

NDP calls on conservatives to immediately implement TSB recommendations on Lac-Megantic

Conservatives backtrack on rail safety

NDP urges Raitt to start putting the safety of Canadians first

New Democrats stand with British Columbians

Conservatives gutted environmental assessment process in lead up to Joint Review Panel

NDP will call for an emergency committee meeting on Canada Post

Conservatives destroy postal services, drastically raise prices

Mulcair unveils NDP vision for a prosperous and sustainable energy future

Last chance for Conservatives to support Global Fund

International Development Critic Hélène Laverdière urges government to commit to increase support, in time for Monday's conference

Environment Commissioner’s report: Another Conservative failure

Harper government inaction putting species at risk

NDP wants a greener environment committee

Quebecers say no to Via Rail budget cuts

Harper’s Throne speech fails to change channel from scandal

Make parliament more accountable

Stop downloading health costs onto provinces

Favouritism through subsidies: Conservatives once again abandoning our region

New Democrats slam Conservative anti-choice agenda

Inexcusable for Conservatives to exclude war rape victims and child brides from maternal health funding

Grim week for veterans and their families

Conservatives leaving veterans behind

NDP statement in reaction to environment minister’s climate denying comments

NDP leading charge to save Drummondville train station MP

François Choquette happy with the involvement of the people of Drummondville

Stop playing partisan games on climate: NDP

New Conservative Environment minister shamefully chooses partisan attacks over taking action

All talk and no action Conservatives continue to fail on the environment: NDP

Mulcair demands PBO act to defend MPs’ right to financial information

PBO has responsibility to go back to court after Conservatives fail to hand over financial data

Conservative cuts undermine international climate change talks

Act now to help refugees and reunite Syrian families

Canada has taken in only 9 refugees in 2013 from war worn-torn Syria

NPD to Conservatives: Bring debate on Syria to Parliament

Mulcair in B.C. for senate abolition tour

Failed candidates sitting in Canada’s Senate disrespectful to voters

NDP trade critic calls for more transparency in TPP negotiations

Members of US Congress consulted on mega-trade deal while Canadian MPs are left in the dark.

Highest possible safety and environmental standards needed to ensure benefits of proposed Energy East Pipeline: NPD

Stephen Harper is running away from accountability. Again.

Conservatives padlocking Parliament to evade tough questions on the Senate: Tom Mulcair

François Choquette slams budget cuts to via rail

Conservative cuts to VIA Rail will hurt economic development in the region

François Choquette launches photo contest

Canada Day celebrations are back in Drummondville

Finance Minister must honour commitment to improve retirement security: NPD

Conservatives kill NPD transparency bill

RCMP must investigate senate scandals: NPD

How do you lose track of 3 billion dollars?

Statement by NPD Environment Critic, Megan Leslie, on rejection of her motion

The NDP takes action to protect our waterways against Conservative attacks

National Volunteer Week: François Choquette honours the dedication of constituents

NDP marks Earth Day

Last Post Fund: NDP supports veterans

Conservatives further isolate Canada with withdrawal from Unconvention on Desertification

Federal Budget: Conservatives abandoning our regions, says NPD

François Choquette marks international Day of La Francophonie

NDP encourages Canadians to choose sustainable seafood products

Conservative changes will allow roadkill on your table: NDP

Shale gas: Conservatives must act and impose promised regulations

NDP slams committee report on environmental assessment

NDP launches shale gas petition

NDP Launch Canadian Tour to Oppose Changes to OAS