Statement from NDP leader Tom Mulcair on conservative motion on Iraq

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair, has issued the following statement in reaction to the passage of the Conservative motion on the war in Iraq:

"The Conservatives are plunging Canada into a prolonged war without a credible plan to help victims of ISIL terror. They have also opened the door to Canadian involvement in Syria's bloody civil war.

''The violence by ISIL is shocking and reprehensible. In response to the Conservative's ill-defined combat mission, New Democrats laid out a strong alternative action plan that would significantly increase Canada's humanitarian response to this crisis. The Conservatives voted against smart and responsible measures that would save live in Iraq right now.

"Time and again, Conservatives have refused to answer clear questions and been evasive on critical details of this mission. It is impossible to have confidence in the judgment of a Prime Minister who sends Canada into an unclear mission for an unspecified period, in an undefined area, with uncertain utility.”