The NDP is ready to replace the Conservatives

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair marked the end of the parliamentary session on a positive note, by recalling the achievements of his team. 

New Democrats defended the rights and freedoms of Canadians by leading the fight against Bill C-51. They succeeded in getting consensus from all parties to ban plastic microbeads and protect our lakes and rivers. The NDP also won a victory for consumers by fighting against banks’ “pay-to-pay” fees and made life more affordable for Canadians by abolishing the federal tax on feminine hygiene products.

The Official Opposition had to force Conservatives to accept an NDP measure to cut taxes for small businesses.  While this should have been a significant victory for the job creators of our country, conservatives are failing to implement it fast enough.

Tom Mulcair’s plan to give the middle class a break and make life more affordable continues to resonate across the country. Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working and the NDP remains the party best positioned to form the next government.

“We’re proud of our record and achievements on behalf of Canadians. We are the party best positioned to defeat Stephen Harper and Canadians can count on us,” said the leader of the NDP.

Throughout this session, while Stephen Harper was leading Canada in the wrong direction, the NDP presented its offer to Canadians to grow the economy while protecting the environment.

“We defended the rights and freedoms of Canadians by leading the charge against Bill C-51 and putting forward a plan to help middle-class families. The NDP is a reliable partner that Canadians can count on,” said Mulcair.