The NDP record: Concrete results for families and a clear vision for Quebec

“Since 2011, New Democrat MPs have been working tirelessly to get real results for Quebeckers, and they have delivered the goods,” said François Choquette in his review of the last parliamentary session.

The NDP forced the Conservative majority to reduce taxes on small and medium-sized enterprises and eliminate the federal tax on feminine hygiene products.

The NDP also successfully defeated plans for an oil terminal in Cacouna, the habitat of the beluga whale population. New Democrats also passed a motion to ban microbeads. These plastic beads are environmentally toxic and are found in numerous products.

“The next election will be about electing a new Prime Minister and a new government that will listen to the people and represent their interests. Over the past few months, the NDP has shown that it is ready by setting out its vision to help youth, families, the middle class and seniors,” said François Choquette, NDP Associate Critic for the Environment.

With Leader Tom Mulcair’s experience, Quebeckers know they can trust the NDP to deliver results and foster environmentally friendly economic growth.

With respect to the aerodrome, Mr. Choquette has kept on Minister Lebel by repeatedly questioning him in the House of Commons on this issue, which is crucial to the region’s economic development. “Time and again, I reiterated the importance of this issue for Drummond. What is Mr. Lebel waiting for to make an announcement? The calling of the election?”

Over the past four years, the NDP has fought hard against the Conservatives’ bad decisions, such as the service reductions at Canada Post, the gutting of the Employment Insurance program, the cuts to CBC/Radio-Canada and rail safety.

The NDP is committed to cleaning up the mess left by all these terrible decisions.