Time for Leadership & Concrete Plan on Climate Change

Governments must now set firm targets and enshrine accountability into law

As the prime minister and premiers gather to meet, the NDP is calling on the federal government to step up and show real leadership in the fight against climate change.

“After promising ‘real’ change during the election and making bold sounding commitments during the global climate conference in Paris in December, Liberals are still not showing they are ready to take real action,” said Nathan Cullen, NDP Environment critic. “After decades of disappointment and inaction from successive Liberal and Conservative government, Canadians are looking for real action – including firm targets and legislated accountability.”

The NDP is calling on the government to set ambitious, accountable emission reduction targets – with annual progress reports, a five-year review and accountability measures that are enshrined in law.

“Citizens have been demanding urgent action to fight climate change. Federal and provincial governments must agree to regulate polluting industries, put a price on carbon pollution, and ensure that Canada does its fair share to contribute to international efforts to combat climate change,” said Cullen. “The federal government has both the ability and the responsibility to tackle this problem. Now we need to see if they have the will to follow through on their promises.”