2014 review: The NDP ready to replace the Conservatives in Ottawa

From the NDP’s victory over the Conservatives’ Unfair Elections Act to getting thalidomide victims the help they need; from fighting the Cacouna oil port project to our commitment to health care spending, 2014 has been a busy year for the NDP and for Drummond MP François Choquette.

“I am most proud of the NDP’s opposition to the Cacouna oil port,” said Choquette. “As NDP Environment critic, I led the charge on putting an end to the drilling work that was threatening the survival of the belugas along this fragile stretch of the St. Lawrence.”

The fight to save Canada Post’s home delivery of mail was another major concern for the NDP this year. “Canada Post continues to make a profit,” said Choquette. “This reorganization is useless, will cost thousands of jobs and will deprive citizens of an important service. In spite of everything, we will continue to fight to maintain access to this essential service for all Canadians.”

2015 promises to be a good year for the greater Drummond area and Choquette is pleased with the progress on several projects that are coming to fruition. “I am happy to be able to act as a facilitator for several development and infrastructure projects around Drummondville, like the Centre de foires, the airport and hosting the Quebec Games,” said the MP. “I am also looking forward to the 200th anniversary celebrations this year and rediscovering our city together.”   

On the political front, 2015 will be a key year for the NDP, as the party continues to position itself on issues for the upcoming election campaign.

The party has committed to restoring the $36 billion in federal health transfers that the Conservatives slashed, and re-establishing the federal minimum wage the Liberals scrapped at $15/hour. The NDP also proposed creating a national child care service that would follow the Quebec model and offer that province the right to opt out with full compensation.

“In 2015, I plan to continue to work hard in Ottawa to serve the people of Drummond,” added Choquette.