Canada must help stop Boko Haram

NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) issued the following statement in reaction to the latest attacks by Boko Haram:

“We are deeply disturbed by the brutal attacks in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram. Hundreds of people have been killed in recent weeks. Entire communities have been displaced and destroyed. In the attacks this past weekend, Boko Haram reportedly used a ten-year-old girl as a suicide bomber, yet another reminder of the callous and vicious nature of this terrorist organization.

“New Democrats condemn this senseless and indiscriminate slaughter. The perpetrators of these appalling crimes must face justice.

“In the lead-up to next month’s presidential elections, Canada should work with regional and international partners to support efforts by the Nigerian government to stop Boko Haram’s onslaught, provide much-needed humanitarian assistance, and ensure that all Nigerians are free to participate in a peaceful democratic process.”