Flooding: Choquette calls on the Trudeau government to take action

Heavy rains that fell last Saturday have caused damage and problems for many residents of Drummondville. Climate change will continue to trigger extreme weather conditions. That is why it is crucial that the Trudeau government act now to fight climate change by helping municipalities like Drummondville, so that they can invest in climate change adaptation measures.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government went to the Paris Climate Conference with the same GHG reduction targets as the Conservative government. The current government could be truly progressive and adopt the NDP’s plan for climate change, which would provide the municipalities with adequate, stable and predictable federal funding in order to help them meet their infrastructure needs,” stressed the Member for Drummond in the House of Commons.

On Monday, François Choquette took the Environment Minister to task on this issue. “As Chair of the All-Party Climate Change Caucus, I sent a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change calling on her to act on this issue. Federal government support for municipalities like Drummondville remains crucial so that they can adapt their infrastructure to the impacts of climate change,” stated Mr. Choquette.

Here is the letter that Mr. Choquette was addressed to the Minister of Environment , Catherine McKenna: