Official Languages Critic

Following the election of October 19, 2015, Member for Drummond François Choquette was named Official Languages Critic for the New Democratic Party.

As part of his new duties, MP François Choquette works to ensure the Official Languages Act is enforced. This law was enacted in 1969 and has undergone many changes over the years to expand its scope and areas of application. This act declares English and French as Canada’s official languages.

François Choquette therefore works to defend the interests of linguistic minorities across the country. To do this, he serves as the official languages critic in the House of Commons, sits on the official languages committee in Ottawa and works on various official-languages-related bills.

He carries out this work jointly with other parliamentarians and in collaboration with the various anglophone and francophone organizations he meets with to better understand their concerns.

Below you will find information on actions taken by François Choquette in his role as Critic for Official Languages:

News releases


Questions on the Order Paper

 Videos – Speeches in the House of Commons

  • François Choquette calls for real action on the Translation Bureau
  • François Choquette calls for real measures for respect of the official languages
  • François Choquette introduces a bill requiring Supreme Court justices to be bilingual
  • François Choquette condemns shortcomings in Liberal agenda